Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sleeping Child gets left in Taxi, Cabbie Nearly Gets Blamed

Here's the whole story if you wish to read it... Basically though, Cabbie picks up family from airport, drops them off at home unloads luggage and leaves with Child. Parents call station, Cabbie returns child (nearly right away) Everyone is safe. Cabbie gets a HUGE tip. Cabbie gets chewed out by local Police, people are wondering if Parents are being investigated

Why does anyone have to be investigated? Basically it was an accident. Everyone was busy, and the child was so quiet it slipped pass everyone. Story has a Happy ending. Why should anyone take blame? Why should the Police have to take action. The chances of that child being abducted are pretty slim. Most Childhood abductions are by a family member or close friend.

Who is next? The first time Dad who had to do the shopping this week because Mommy is sick and got all the groceries in and forgot the baby in the cart? He realized his mistake and turned around to get the baby before he even left the parking lot??
Yup let's slap him with Jail time.

The Mom with 3 children in the grocery store who's 3 year old has to use the bathroom, there are no family restroom so leaves the Oldest child and the baby outside the restroom....

*shakes head*

Thursday, July 23, 2009

General Musings

I know I am making progress FLYing. My My Living room has yet to be out of control, my bathroom is looking pretty good (Other than the floor) My Bedroom is a bliss! The Spare room is usually ready for anyone who may come and play in it.

That is its self is nothing special until you consider the fact that I am still managing to do these things even though I am in the middle of a fibro flair. I am in a lot of pain for no reason, I am cranky, sleepy, Not sleeping very well. My routines that I am learning through FLYlady are making it easier on me to keep my home up regardless of how I am feeling. A month ago nothing would have been done on a day like today, or a week like this. But through the pain (and drugs really don't help) I still feel better about myself.

But Not all of the credit goes to FLYlady. My husband and I had a moment not too long ago. He was tired of the Chaos that was our home. The Chaos had lessened from what it was a year ago, but we really want to have a clean, uncluttered, happy home. I realized that to get what I needed I needed to change alot. I needed to seek routines, I needed to seek the Lord. Order and Cleanliness are not in my nature. I tend to hop from one activity to the next often leaving the remains of the last strung all over the place. I tend to keep myself busy and preoccupied.

I have been wanting to be a Living Example of Christ's work and I knew that with my unorganized home, and my unorganized life, I could never really be that. I dreamed of being able to whip out a casserole for a friend in need, or bringing someone here for a much needed prayer hour or even a Bible Study. I couldn't do that in our CHAOS.

So I prayed and I prayed for a solution and finally I remembered FLY lady. I tried it a while back but I wasn't truely ready. So I visited her, and suddenly everything was making sense. It wasn't just about changing my home, it was about changing my lifestyle and my routines. I prayed for the Lord to help me as I start it and that the changes would be used to Glorify Him.

So far 10 days into it, My home is better than ever. I am reading my Bible regularly, I, the queen of Randomocity, am keeping a few small basic routines. Its a long journey I am on, but I know its for the best!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Wisdom of a preschooler

Good Morning World!!

I am happily FLYing away this morning. I am dressed head to toe and I am feeling great!

I announced to J this morning after he was dropped off I would be making chocolate chip pancakes and my son looks at me and solemly says "Momma, Chocolate is Candy. Candy is not for breakfast"

Figures. It seems I have taught him a little too well.


I guess its time to teach this kiddo how to live a little more vicariously. An hour later and his pancake is still untouched. Oh well Lunch maybe?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Reflective Saturday

Bill said on Facebook this morning:

Another Day, How will we choose to live it? Looking at everything wrong around us or what is good?

I choose to look at what is good.

Here is the assignment

List 10 blessings/things that made you happy/positive things from the week past. You don't have to elaborate, just as long as you understand them.

If you want to help others out Tag 5 friends to do the same. you can do this assignment here, on facebook, on myspace, on twitter even, just do it.

10.Snorting Savannah
9.Cheese Dogs
8.Harry Potter
4.Possible Job for me
3.G's job

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Getting Control of my home

I am not used to routines and I am by no means a house keeper. However I do really want to my home to be a happy welcoming place that I can have guests over and serve them compliments of Southern Plate. It started with a few good recipes. Now that I know I can cook, and I enjoy it and word is getting out that I can cook I want to have people over. I want to share my cooking wealth with the world. But to do that I need to gain control of myself and my home.

So I have turned to FLY lady. FLY stands for Finally Loving Yourself. This is something I have needed to do for years. I am on day three and my life is changing already. My dishwasher is now referred to as the dirty dish holder, I have been running it at night and emptying it first thing in the AM and my new Shiny Sink makes me proud and overprotective. If I jump down enough throats eventually they will figure out to put dishes in the dishwasher. For now they seem to go on the stove, which I empty two to three times a day (But that's OK, because its better than sitting in the sink forever).

Its a start. And although I backslid already this week (mini trip and Movie and just a lot going on) I feel loads better about myself and I found it easy to get back where I need to be.

If you haven't yet check out It may change your life.

Now strictly for your entertainment purposes

Things I have learned this week

1. 4 kids 3 and under=bad idea.
2. If you cook it they will come... This applies to Toddlers, grown Men and ducks.
3. If you are going to see a movie in the theater, pre-screen everyone you bring with you with a test run before hand. If they can't be quiet for 10 minutes, You have two options: Be prepared to shoot or just don't bring them.
4. Movie Popcorn is marked up 400% but it is oooo so good.
5. Husbands tend to freak out when another woman sits next to them in a theater
6. If two cats have not been around each other in a month, don't try to put them in the same room
7. The best response to "I have a gun" is not "Me too"
8. When in a drive through fast food line, the appropriate response to "Can I take your order" Is not "They got a mouse in there"
9. the one-eyed duck is probably the toughest, Once you win him over you will never rid yourself of ducks and geese.
10. Don't waste your money on a 3 dollar grill that comes with the charcoal, you will need at least two of them.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lesson's Learned from my Lord, and my 3 year old

My Testimony is living proof that the Lord enjoys his mysteries. I learned in Church that Mysteries are like secrets from God. When things are said, or when things happen and we don't understand it, God knows what is going on. The One who knows every hair on my head, has a reason for everything that we endure. His time is always right and we will never truly understand why things happen because we are unable to see the bigger plan and what is in store for us. These mysteries are revealed after the fact, Like an epiphany or when we have solved a puzzle or a riddle and all of the clues seem crystal to us now. Further proof of the Lord's mysteries. I come to NC for a summer, I wound up staying. Within a few months of me moving here I started going to church. Less than a year from my move I was saved. I am a completely different woman than the teenager who come down for a visit.

My Son has decided a few things. Most importantly. He is FOUR, not three. Or so he says. Children grow up so fast, I have no clue why my three year old is attempting to skip a year of his life. Maybe its because he misses Bible School and if it were next summer he could have another week of Bible School.

My Son has also decided he wants to wash cars for a living. I cleaned out two of the three vehicles yesterday. G then decided we needed to take both vehicles to the fire dept for a thorough vaccuum and wash. Will had a blast, instead of a regular Hose, they use a small fire hose, and my Son enjoyed trying to use it. He was soaked from head to toe, and even decided to hand wash the truck by dipping his hands in the soap and scrubbing the truck. After that He had to Hose Me and Daddy off. It was great seeing my husband laugh about it, I was a little unsure of how he would react. Will got water inside both vehicles too. I think its time to Call Papa and see if Will can help him wash some fire trucks (I want some pictures if that winds up happening)

If car washing is not his true calling He has choosen an alternitive. He is going to be a First name only Celebrity, as he keeps insisting that He does not have a last name. He will simply be known as Will. Maybe he will reach the Fame status of Cher or Prince. Well what ever his dreams are, I hope that he is Happy and Lives for the Lord regardless.

Speaking of the Lord, I heard the most beautiful, off Key, Loudest rendition of Jesus Loves Me yesterday curtesy of Will. It is really touching to here him singing songs we sing in Church and I try hard to get him to sing this. He knew every word. I am so proud of him!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Desprately Needed Monday Inspiration

I keep a 9 month old, 7 year old and 8 year old in the day. The 7 year old has had major mouthiness problems since he stayed with his grandmother for a week and a half. He also is very sly with my three year old and I find my three year old getting into a lot more trouble than should be. I know the 7 year old is initiating most of the things causing my son to be in trouble, but I have no evidence. Anyways its been a rough day already mostly because I feel awful, so rather than be ill with the children un necessarily, I decided to seek something to lift my spirits. I hope you too will enjoy!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Excellent Family Dinner, and My Testimony.

Some of you know this, and rest of you are fixing to find out. I am from a whole notha planet! It definately explains alot. It explains why people do a double take when I talk and why some of the words I say are questionable around here. Some people don't think I should even be here and there are a few afraid to touch me in fear that they too will become what I am. Now that all of you are scratching your heads... Let me tell you where I am from. Lake Erie, Ohio. That's right I am a Yankee, and around here what is worse than being a Yankee, is being a Yankee who moved to the South. Its ok though, the Lord sent me here.

There are times I miss home. I miss my family, I miss my lake (I lived within 2 miles of Lake Erie most of my Childhood, Within 2 blocks probably half of my childhood.) Five years ago I thought I had my life planned. I was a senior in High School, accepted to a the University of my choice, my bf at the time (A southern Guy I met my One yr in High School spent in Carolina) Was going to come live with me while I finished my degree, and we talked about moving to NC when I was done, but I know in my heart I would stay and work on my Masters first. Things change quickly. Within a year we broke up and I remet my Husband. I come down to Carolina in the Summer between Freshman and Sophmore year, to get a close look at the school system and decide if I would teach there. I wound up dropping out of school and getting married and A baby on the Way by September.

Here I am 10 hours from Home, no turning back. It was hard. It wasn't just marriage and pregnancy I was adjusting to, but a whole new way of living.

Over the past four years, I have often times wondered how I got here. I have been so home sick that I stayed in bed for a week. I have cried countless tears because Momma wouldn't be there while I raised her only Grandchild.

Nothing against my husband, but I have often wondered what would happen to us if We divorced, or worse, if something happened to him while at work (He's a cop) I have often times debated if I would go home or continue my life here.

As hard as it has been I have been blessed in so many ways. Most of G's family accepted me and Now I am truely one of there own. I am closer to his Grandmother than I was with My own Mom before I moved. I feel like I am her daughter much of the time. His family bends over backwards to help each other. I am especially grateful for his Grandmother and Aunts, these three ladies Never once blinked an eye at me, they never forgot that my husband doesn't tell me about family events, family traditions, what goes on on the Holidays, etc. His aunts and Grandmother, always made sure to call me and tell me where to go, what to bring, and if I wasn't coming, they come got me.

More importantly. They got me in church. I was here 5 months before I started going to Church. It was almost a year before I was saved. His Family has prayed for me each step of the way, they have been there wach step of the way. Now I am leading others to Christ.

I am at the Point now, I know Why I am here. I know why I had to leave my family. I still get homesick, but I am more homesick for Heaven than anything. I still miss them thought.

I also wanted to start showing the family my appreciation for everything they have done for us in the last 4 years. A Few months ago, I came across Southern Plate. Christy has made things so easy for her readers. I have literally been transformed from a Microwave Chef, to fooling Southern Ladies with my Cooking skills.

I have been slowly Feeding our Grandmother, and she has been very much enjoying it. I have been enticing my Parent in laws with Strawberry Pie, and Mud Pie (Or as we call it Butt Ugly Cake)
Now I thought I was read to do a dinner. So I called up my Grandmother and the Two Aunts, and just like they have done to me so many times, I told them What time and Where and instructed them to be there. George's family is too large for me to attempt to feed everyone at once, so I will get the Parent's in Law and the 4 sisters, and nieces and nephews later.

I Got to cooking. I wound up fixing Taco Casserole, chicken and Broccoli Casserole, My first Ever home made Biscuits, and Chocolate Sundae Cake. (We also had a large Salad and corn)

Let me Say, there was absolutely no casserole or biscuits left over. Only a third of the cake remained. I cooked for 10 people. Half of us were crying while we ate.

I know that the Lord works in ways we will never understand. I don't know if I will ever Live with my yankee Family again. But I do know that I am as close to Home as I can get on Earth. Believe or Not, Christy has helped me get there!