Friday, March 20, 2009

Getting Started!

Right Now our family of 3 adults, 1 toddler and pets lives off of one small income! My Mission is to save as much money as possible while learning how to make delicious dishes that everyone of my picky eaters will enjoy.

I just got my deep freezer, and I have yet to organize my cabinets and clear out enough stuff to have a stock pile of anything. So I almost am starting from scratch here.

Last Paycheck alone I spent somewhere in the neighborhood of 160 for the four of us... For two weeks. (I completely have to guess this number because I am always forgetting something)

I rationalize this partly because of the truck load meat sale at Pigglly Wiggly I was sooo lucky to catch. I got Chicken Nuggets $1 a pound. Boneless Pork Chops $1.50 a pound. I don't even remember what else I got. I just know that those two items were in bulk, and I have alot of pork Chops.

We were also given some deer meat from a fellow LEO. This and a few of DH's Totino Supreme Pizzas makes up my entire stock pile!

I am tired of barely having enough groceries to last me one pay period. So I started a Mission to Save money and Stock up.

Just in Time for all of that, Christy, at southern Plate is having her Save Money Eat Better Week! I am so excited for it! I am learning alot!

If you haven't yet Check out her site at Southern Plate. She has been a real blessing to my family. (DH loved her Taco Pizza.) Her recipes are really easy to follow and they come with pictures!! (This is perfect for me!)

From her site I have stumbled onto Southen Savers... They Spell things out really clearly for a newcomer! So I love it.

I have learned alot in the last week. But If I told you everything I learned you'd be pretty confused, (It doesn't all make sense in my Noggin yet) So I will share what I have practiced and how it works for me!

Tip of the Day!
Save Coupons! All of them. Don't use them the first chance you get. Wait, things come on sale and then all of the sudden you pay next to nothing! To Help me with this I have started to categorize the loose coupons I do have. I created an excel document that I can easily search. When I check out the sales paper I can search for coupons I already have. I also check Southern Savers regulary since she does the same using recent coupons in the paper. I cannot do this yet, because I don't have any recent coupons from the paper.

*Mental note: Must organize the coupons or find a new way of storing them so I can find them when I need them*

I am really excited about this journey! Please come back and visit as I share what I do and how it worked for me!

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