Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Little Things

I am up later than I should be.

There is a lot on my mind right now.

In a meeting on completely unrelated matters, my son was attacked. Accusations were made about my three year old son, that neither he nor I could defend. We were not there. I have been told by two different people at that meeting and both stories are oddly identical on several key pieces of information involving my son.

In as little as two days I have learned so many things. Things I did not want to see, things I did not want to be apart of. I have always been a person that lets things roll off of my shoulders. Anytime a person has come to me, with any problem, regardless of size, I have consistantly and quietly listened to what the person had to say, fixed the problem and forgot about it. I don't let very much get to me when it involves people that are not close to me.

I am disappointed in the person that made the allegations against my three year old. This particular person I would expect to come to me with them. Allow me to deal with them. Instead they are trashing My SON. In front of others. Transforming small three year old behaviors into that of a monster. Making my son appear like an animal for things that this persons own son does.
I have been torn to pieces about this.

However tonight, an unknowing angel blessed me. I recieved a small message from a friend's husband on Myspace, thanking me for helping to care for the children. It was completly out of the blue and led me to tears. This small gesture gave me hope. It put a smile on my face.

This Late night blog serves two purposes:
1. For me to get out a few things on my chest (which I deleted most of it after writing of it)
2. To remind anyone who may read this that Small gestures make a big difference in life. You truely never know when a quick hello, thank you, hug, how are you, etc. is going to make a big impact.

My family and I have some thinking to do. Our problem is not yet resolved. We also have some looking to do because I refuse to be caught anywhere that my child in unwelcome. The comments that were made show me exactly how unwelcome he is. Regardless of how dark the storm is right now though, I know my God is going to make a way. The Thank You note was a sign to me, a reminder that there are other better things going on in this big world. Like the three beautiful children I will be keeping tomorrow.

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