Monday, April 20, 2009

Parenthood continues to be the most exhausting, dramatic, tiring, slaving, painful, rewarding experience of my life.

A perfect example is something I wrote a year and a half ago (thus making my son 1 1/2 yrs at the time)

Nothing changes lifes as often and as well as parenting. You go from being a unique individual with likes, dislikes, a sense of style, a taste for fine cuisine (however you may define it), the ability to sleep in all day. You also can call your heart your own. When you become a parent, that all changes in ways unimaginanble. Your vocabulary even changes. The older your child gets the more you find yourself baffled by the mysteries of life. It used to be the biggest mystery in your life was who would be the next American Idol. Now there are even bigger, stranger mysteries. My son is little still. He's a year and a half and I know I have a lot more to learn. My vocabulary consists of: No, let's go Bye-Bye, Where is your cup?, Turn the TV off, Stay away from Dog food, did you stink?, I love you, Give kisses. I expected these, what I did not realize is that "Why, How? Should I even ask?" Would become a regular part of my vocabulary.
This morning, when I greet my smiling son in the crib. He has on a sweater, stretch pants, socks and sandles. Does anyone care to guess who had him last night? Yes, My husband. When he brought my son to the store to visit me, all he was wearing was a diaper and a t-shirt, yet now he is fully dressed and wearing SOCKS AND SANDLES. when I ask why, my husband simply replied, that he had to have them. This is a great example of Toddlerhood for any new parents. This is a world that your child is the sultan of. Its a big giant game that only your toddler knows the rules of and yes they change all the time. Some days he insists on being fully dressed, somedays he wants the blue shoes, other days the green. Somedays he won't wear any at all.
I get over the whole socks and sandles. Later after I have dropped my son off and come home to grab my insurance card, I find his hat. Outside. On the street. I don't even want to know.
These are just a few examples. Other mysteries I often encounter, Why will you eat it one day but not the next? Why does the TV have to be on? Why do you have to sleep on top of everything in the bed? Why do you insist on wearing socks but get mad when there are feet on your PJ's? How is it when I put brand new socks on you, at the end of the day only one is covered in dirt?
I am sure if I sit here long enough I will come up with a million more mysteries and I am just getting started. But for now these will do. Feel free to comment on your own.