Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What I'm Learning about Strawberry Pie and Parenting

I love children! I'm not just saying this because I have the cutest Toddler. Before I continue, I have to tell you a Real Life Will Story (I like the way that sounds.)

My Almost 3 year old was highly upset at me. You see I had the audacity of limiting the amount of TV he watches! Yes I cut off my Toddler's TV time! He was in the middle of basically telling me I was going to turn on the TV. I was trying to get him to play. Well His yelling and my finally ignoring him, led to his throat starting to hurt him. He wanted a drink. Well at this same time I noticed a stink. SO I told him to go get a diaper while I got his drink. My wonderful Toddler informed me that He was NOT getting a diaper. He did not need a diaper. And put his hands over his chest and turned around to walk away and walked right into the corner of the computer desk. He's got a pretty good mark to show it. After crying a minute, he brought me his diaper. We changed it and I asked him if he still wanted a drink. Well he is still upset with me, so he informs me that No, He does not want a drink. That he can't drink. And turns back around and marches off. He nearly hit the same corner. He marched straight to his bedroom and got his blankets. He sat down with them in the walkway behind the couch. He sat there for 10 minutes with his arms folded (While I essentially ignored him) until he fell asleep on the floor. He showed me alright.

Back to the start. I really do love children. I am in Early Childhood, I want to work with children, but I don't know how yet. (I have got to get moving on that I am not far from graduating) Something has been heavy on my heart lately though. That is foster parenting. We'll have our spare bedroom back soon. I want to set it up as a foster room. I requested information on it and I was really surprised at how quickly the lady at DSS got back to me! Very Pleasantly Surprised. She is mailing me information today so that G and I can look at the information and decide if it is what we are truly ready to do.

The only thing he asks is that we don't take any serious cases. He deals with a lot of runaways. Certain homes specialize in therapeutic care or something and he is constantly on calls to those homes. He says its always the same couple of houses and always different children. I understand he deals enough with it at work, not wanting to bring it home. I told him that sadly, all the children entering the foster system will have some baggage. But I still want to look into it.

I just feel that since G and I won't be having more children for a few years, and that I have so much in my heart to offer, I want to put it to good use. We'll have a spare room, even though he wants to convert it into his Xbox room.

Right now we are just getting information and praying. I can never cease praying on it.

Speaking of praying. Not too long ago I had no clue how to pray with my Toddler. I knew that I wanted to raise my child to know about God, Jesus, the Bible and everything they have to offer. I want my son to be strong in faith and inspiration to others. So I did what I always do when I am clueless. I ask others, and I research. I want to share with you what I found.

This article, Praying with your Toddler, Is an inspirational article about one parents journey introducing prayer to her children. It really touched me and gave me an idea of how to start. I have to say that since my son and I started to pray he really enjoys it. Now he even starts his own prayers when playing. He is also much better behaved during prayer at church. A few times he has caught others not closing their eyes and called them out on it. We've been praying together maybe a month.

We just this week started adding Bedtime Bible stories to our routine. We have an older version without many pictures. Each story takes 2 minutes to read. Perfect for that squirrelly Little one in your life. We are 4 stories into it and he is starting to stay still and listen. We will start asking simple questions soon. I am glad that someone blessed me with the book. It is an excellent way to teach him appropriate lessons from the Bible!

Now to move on. My In Laws have been layed on my heart lately. They have a lot on thier plates lately. I wanted to do something to cheer them up. That's when Christy posted her Strawberry Pie recipe. It looked perfect. I headed over to Food Lion and Strawberries were on sale! So I got to work making two of them. Well as it turned out no one in my house wanted any. (They don't know what they are missing.) However, the Pies were very much appreciated at my In Laws. It was Devine! I suggest you head over there and check it out. Thank you so much Christy, you have no idea how much you helped make someone's night! It really is the little things that make the biggest blessing.

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  1. As you're following my blog, have a look at the very first post about George and Christmas. They'd been doing the nativity in nursery...

    Thankfully, one of my friends is a very devout Christian and is happy to answer anything that I can't. George was given his first picture bible by her at Christmas. I'm just waiting for the "So what does God look like then?" question.


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