Thursday, July 23, 2009

General Musings

I know I am making progress FLYing. My My Living room has yet to be out of control, my bathroom is looking pretty good (Other than the floor) My Bedroom is a bliss! The Spare room is usually ready for anyone who may come and play in it.

That is its self is nothing special until you consider the fact that I am still managing to do these things even though I am in the middle of a fibro flair. I am in a lot of pain for no reason, I am cranky, sleepy, Not sleeping very well. My routines that I am learning through FLYlady are making it easier on me to keep my home up regardless of how I am feeling. A month ago nothing would have been done on a day like today, or a week like this. But through the pain (and drugs really don't help) I still feel better about myself.

But Not all of the credit goes to FLYlady. My husband and I had a moment not too long ago. He was tired of the Chaos that was our home. The Chaos had lessened from what it was a year ago, but we really want to have a clean, uncluttered, happy home. I realized that to get what I needed I needed to change alot. I needed to seek routines, I needed to seek the Lord. Order and Cleanliness are not in my nature. I tend to hop from one activity to the next often leaving the remains of the last strung all over the place. I tend to keep myself busy and preoccupied.

I have been wanting to be a Living Example of Christ's work and I knew that with my unorganized home, and my unorganized life, I could never really be that. I dreamed of being able to whip out a casserole for a friend in need, or bringing someone here for a much needed prayer hour or even a Bible Study. I couldn't do that in our CHAOS.

So I prayed and I prayed for a solution and finally I remembered FLY lady. I tried it a while back but I wasn't truely ready. So I visited her, and suddenly everything was making sense. It wasn't just about changing my home, it was about changing my lifestyle and my routines. I prayed for the Lord to help me as I start it and that the changes would be used to Glorify Him.

So far 10 days into it, My home is better than ever. I am reading my Bible regularly, I, the queen of Randomocity, am keeping a few small basic routines. Its a long journey I am on, but I know its for the best!

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