Friday, July 17, 2009

Getting Control of my home

I am not used to routines and I am by no means a house keeper. However I do really want to my home to be a happy welcoming place that I can have guests over and serve them compliments of Southern Plate. It started with a few good recipes. Now that I know I can cook, and I enjoy it and word is getting out that I can cook I want to have people over. I want to share my cooking wealth with the world. But to do that I need to gain control of myself and my home.

So I have turned to FLY lady. FLY stands for Finally Loving Yourself. This is something I have needed to do for years. I am on day three and my life is changing already. My dishwasher is now referred to as the dirty dish holder, I have been running it at night and emptying it first thing in the AM and my new Shiny Sink makes me proud and overprotective. If I jump down enough throats eventually they will figure out to put dishes in the dishwasher. For now they seem to go on the stove, which I empty two to three times a day (But that's OK, because its better than sitting in the sink forever).

Its a start. And although I backslid already this week (mini trip and Movie and just a lot going on) I feel loads better about myself and I found it easy to get back where I need to be.

If you haven't yet check out It may change your life.

Now strictly for your entertainment purposes

Things I have learned this week

1. 4 kids 3 and under=bad idea.
2. If you cook it they will come... This applies to Toddlers, grown Men and ducks.
3. If you are going to see a movie in the theater, pre-screen everyone you bring with you with a test run before hand. If they can't be quiet for 10 minutes, You have two options: Be prepared to shoot or just don't bring them.
4. Movie Popcorn is marked up 400% but it is oooo so good.
5. Husbands tend to freak out when another woman sits next to them in a theater
6. If two cats have not been around each other in a month, don't try to put them in the same room
7. The best response to "I have a gun" is not "Me too"
8. When in a drive through fast food line, the appropriate response to "Can I take your order" Is not "They got a mouse in there"
9. the one-eyed duck is probably the toughest, Once you win him over you will never rid yourself of ducks and geese.
10. Don't waste your money on a 3 dollar grill that comes with the charcoal, you will need at least two of them.

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