Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lesson's Learned from my Lord, and my 3 year old

My Testimony is living proof that the Lord enjoys his mysteries. I learned in Church that Mysteries are like secrets from God. When things are said, or when things happen and we don't understand it, God knows what is going on. The One who knows every hair on my head, has a reason for everything that we endure. His time is always right and we will never truly understand why things happen because we are unable to see the bigger plan and what is in store for us. These mysteries are revealed after the fact, Like an epiphany or when we have solved a puzzle or a riddle and all of the clues seem crystal to us now. Further proof of the Lord's mysteries. I come to NC for a summer, I wound up staying. Within a few months of me moving here I started going to church. Less than a year from my move I was saved. I am a completely different woman than the teenager who come down for a visit.

My Son has decided a few things. Most importantly. He is FOUR, not three. Or so he says. Children grow up so fast, I have no clue why my three year old is attempting to skip a year of his life. Maybe its because he misses Bible School and if it were next summer he could have another week of Bible School.

My Son has also decided he wants to wash cars for a living. I cleaned out two of the three vehicles yesterday. G then decided we needed to take both vehicles to the fire dept for a thorough vaccuum and wash. Will had a blast, instead of a regular Hose, they use a small fire hose, and my Son enjoyed trying to use it. He was soaked from head to toe, and even decided to hand wash the truck by dipping his hands in the soap and scrubbing the truck. After that He had to Hose Me and Daddy off. It was great seeing my husband laugh about it, I was a little unsure of how he would react. Will got water inside both vehicles too. I think its time to Call Papa and see if Will can help him wash some fire trucks (I want some pictures if that winds up happening)

If car washing is not his true calling He has choosen an alternitive. He is going to be a First name only Celebrity, as he keeps insisting that He does not have a last name. He will simply be known as Will. Maybe he will reach the Fame status of Cher or Prince. Well what ever his dreams are, I hope that he is Happy and Lives for the Lord regardless.

Speaking of the Lord, I heard the most beautiful, off Key, Loudest rendition of Jesus Loves Me yesterday curtesy of Will. It is really touching to here him singing songs we sing in Church and I try hard to get him to sing this. He knew every word. I am so proud of him!

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