Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Excellent Family Dinner, and My Testimony.

Some of you know this, and rest of you are fixing to find out. I am from a whole notha planet! It definately explains alot. It explains why people do a double take when I talk and why some of the words I say are questionable around here. Some people don't think I should even be here and there are a few afraid to touch me in fear that they too will become what I am. Now that all of you are scratching your heads... Let me tell you where I am from. Lake Erie, Ohio. That's right I am a Yankee, and around here what is worse than being a Yankee, is being a Yankee who moved to the South. Its ok though, the Lord sent me here.

There are times I miss home. I miss my family, I miss my lake (I lived within 2 miles of Lake Erie most of my Childhood, Within 2 blocks probably half of my childhood.) Five years ago I thought I had my life planned. I was a senior in High School, accepted to a the University of my choice, my bf at the time (A southern Guy I met my One yr in High School spent in Carolina) Was going to come live with me while I finished my degree, and we talked about moving to NC when I was done, but I know in my heart I would stay and work on my Masters first. Things change quickly. Within a year we broke up and I remet my Husband. I come down to Carolina in the Summer between Freshman and Sophmore year, to get a close look at the school system and decide if I would teach there. I wound up dropping out of school and getting married and A baby on the Way by September.

Here I am 10 hours from Home, no turning back. It was hard. It wasn't just marriage and pregnancy I was adjusting to, but a whole new way of living.

Over the past four years, I have often times wondered how I got here. I have been so home sick that I stayed in bed for a week. I have cried countless tears because Momma wouldn't be there while I raised her only Grandchild.

Nothing against my husband, but I have often wondered what would happen to us if We divorced, or worse, if something happened to him while at work (He's a cop) I have often times debated if I would go home or continue my life here.

As hard as it has been I have been blessed in so many ways. Most of G's family accepted me and Now I am truely one of there own. I am closer to his Grandmother than I was with My own Mom before I moved. I feel like I am her daughter much of the time. His family bends over backwards to help each other. I am especially grateful for his Grandmother and Aunts, these three ladies Never once blinked an eye at me, they never forgot that my husband doesn't tell me about family events, family traditions, what goes on on the Holidays, etc. His aunts and Grandmother, always made sure to call me and tell me where to go, what to bring, and if I wasn't coming, they come got me.

More importantly. They got me in church. I was here 5 months before I started going to Church. It was almost a year before I was saved. His Family has prayed for me each step of the way, they have been there wach step of the way. Now I am leading others to Christ.

I am at the Point now, I know Why I am here. I know why I had to leave my family. I still get homesick, but I am more homesick for Heaven than anything. I still miss them thought.

I also wanted to start showing the family my appreciation for everything they have done for us in the last 4 years. A Few months ago, I came across Southern Plate. Christy has made things so easy for her readers. I have literally been transformed from a Microwave Chef, to fooling Southern Ladies with my Cooking skills.

I have been slowly Feeding our Grandmother, and she has been very much enjoying it. I have been enticing my Parent in laws with Strawberry Pie, and Mud Pie (Or as we call it Butt Ugly Cake)
Now I thought I was read to do a dinner. So I called up my Grandmother and the Two Aunts, and just like they have done to me so many times, I told them What time and Where and instructed them to be there. George's family is too large for me to attempt to feed everyone at once, so I will get the Parent's in Law and the 4 sisters, and nieces and nephews later.

I Got to cooking. I wound up fixing Taco Casserole, chicken and Broccoli Casserole, My first Ever home made Biscuits, and Chocolate Sundae Cake. (We also had a large Salad and corn)

Let me Say, there was absolutely no casserole or biscuits left over. Only a third of the cake remained. I cooked for 10 people. Half of us were crying while we ate.

I know that the Lord works in ways we will never understand. I don't know if I will ever Live with my yankee Family again. But I do know that I am as close to Home as I can get on Earth. Believe or Not, Christy has helped me get there!

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